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Traditional Origins Of The Legal Year

How the legal year begins is quite interesting.   Services in westminster abbey goes back to 1897 when judges prayed or guidance at the beginning of any legal term.   Today there are still the same ceremonies but excluding the 2 mile walk from temple bar to westminster abbey – thye judges travel by car.   The service is less than an hour long and is conduycted by the Dean of westminster.  It includes prayers and hymns.  One doesn’t normally associate the legal system with the church, but the top of the tree, the Lord Chancellor reas a lesson to the throng.    It is quite a ceremony with about 700 folk attending the service and breakfast.  These guests will typically include judges, senior judicial officers, Law  officers, KC (King’s  Counsel),  government ministers, lawyers and quite a few overseas judges and lawyers.  All the legal guests wear their ceremonial dress.    These traditions are so well entrenhed that the only disruption in the last century was after bomb damage to Wesminster abbey in 1940 which stopped them being held there again until resumption in 1946.