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The Signing Of That Law Of The Land

The legal system in the UK is endlessly fascinating.  It has been developed over many centuries and most people will take it that King John’s signing of the magna carta in June 1215, was the start of the system we recognise today.    It was the first written document actually outlining that the king and his government was not above the law.    The clear intention was to limit the kings royal authority, establishing that as the law, it placed limits on the king’s and his government’s powers.     It is significant as the first document to stating that the law applied to the king and all his subjects, including the government.  Although many aspects of the judiciary we have today seem ludicrously outdated and ceremonial, the purpose of being seen to follow the very long held traditions is to remind everbody, and particular the reigning monarch and their government of the law being above and completely separate from them.