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Sorting Legals Following In/Out Of Europe Needed

With the current mess over in or out of europe going on here in the UK, it is confusing for most of us as to what happens if we do actually come out fully.  The referendum was in hindsight, absolutely useless and caused utter chaos – there was no forward planning;  no real thought had been applied to the possibility that some of the country might just vote to come out – the arrogance of the leaders at that time was amazing, now we look back after 3 years.  So we are now left with arguments, battle lines firmly cemented and the rest of europe all looking on in amusement and horror.  The outcome is critical from our legal point of view – we voted to leave the eu and this is where we currently get our laws and statutes from.  There will be much work to do to patch up the holes in every area – but civil law needs care before we have too many unsolvable challenges to our system.