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Some Background To Lesser Known Judicial Posts

There are many absolutely fascinating elements to the UK legal and judiciary system.   If somone’s been arrested and convicted of a crime and comes up through the court system, they should be gladdened to know they will be given the fairest trial and judgment possible.  They may not be quite so enthusiastic themselves of course.  Our system has been in place for a very long time and been honed over the years  with and without the help of various sovereigns.  It is now respected as one of the best and fairest globally.    Let’s take Coroners for example.  We hope never to need their services because it almost inevitably involves the death of someone.  They investigate sudden violent or unnatural deaths.  They have to be barristers, solidicotrs or medical doctors with not less than five years  in their qualified profession which is carried on when they’re not sitting as coroner.    A coroner is appointed on major cases that attract much media attention, as in the Diana inquest in 2006-2008 and later the long awaited and fought for Hillsborough Disaster to which a senior court of appeal judge was appointed as the coroner.