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Rules Surrounding Juror Behaviour Whilst On Duty

The general run of court cases has had a few things getting in the way lately – primarily the covid-19 causing court staff and officers to be absent.  Things have started getting back on track now and some very prominent cases have hit the headlines.  Ones we’ve briefly forgotten and then spring back to our attention.  Quite often when this happens, the full horror of the offence is described and more information seems to come to light – lighter reporting restrictions mean we hear and see much of the evidence very soon after presentation in court.  Of course jurors are warned not to discuss or share anything about the case when they’re selected for duty.  Things like researching the case during the trial period or disclosing any such information gleaned to another juror on the case, or trying to get the rest of the jury to hear the case in a way other than on the basis in the court – all these count as indictable offences and are punishable by prison if proven under contempt of court.