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Rip & Replace Law Updates Endlessly Fascinating

When I was very junior case officer within the judiciary, there was one job that most colleagues tried to avoid every month.   This was the updating of the various law books that came in looseleaf format.  The administration office and judiciary would be supplied with so many sets for use by visiting judges and inhouse solicitors and barristers.  The updates would come in very carefully sealed pouches with an index of the pages to be changed this time and how to dispose correctly the removed pages.  The cross references to section, then sub section and then article would be closely checked – the last thing a judge needed was to find the case rapidly falling apart on a legal point and then not be able to find the most up to date statute covering that particular legal point, whilst the case is live.  The way British legal and judicial systems operate is second to none.  I always volunteered to do the rip & replace duties – it was a great way to spend a few hours absorbing all the changes to the laws to which my work was being operated – I loved having a peek at these new instruments of law and found it endlessly fascinating.