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Knowing Just How Very Learned They Want To Be

When a youngster at school is choosing their A levels, they will have thought about this for years leading up to the ‘6th form’ exams by selecting the right combination of gcses first.  It’s not possible to just sit the subjects you like and know you’ll pass, without having a clear idea of what outcome you want to achieve at the end.  The school will require the student to choose wisely to get the absolute maximum payback in terms of ‘points’ scored for each pass and for each successful entry on to university.  That is why a student wanting to study law at university needs to also look ahead a really know what stream of legal expertise they want to undertake.  Perhaps they wish to be a provincial solicitor, or have desires to be called to the Bar.  From there will possibly be appointment at a circuit judge or recorder, by the Lord Chamberlain…….