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Keeping Tabs On Call Costs To Solicitors

When dealing with solicitors about any matter you instruct them to deal with, it is critical at every stage to have a good idea what you are asking them to do.  Every time you ring a solicitor about your case, be it family law, criminal whatever, they start the clock ticking from the second they pick your call up.  Everything is costed in 6 minute units.  So a 12 minute call will be costed at a minimum of 2 units – it’s best not to enquire what the unit cost is !   I do know a lasdy who used to think her solicitor was a really good friend and used to jibber jabber on about all sorts of unconnected matter whenever she rang her.  It case as a massively disappointing shock when her bill came some months later – it was huge and of course, all these wee tete-a -tetes were costed in.    The  next house conveyance was handled by another firm completely!  But solicitor have admin staff and cleaners etc. to pay – these costs come out of client charges.