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Keeping State & Crown Separate For Good Reason

The Crown ansd the State are definitely separate items in UK.  The idea that the Crown is above the law is incorrect as although judges cannot enforce laws against th Crown as Monarch or Sovereign because the Crown is considered to do no wrong.   However judges enforce laws against the Crown as executives and individuals who may represent the Crown from time to time.    King Charles is therefore considered above the law but everyone else in the Royal Family including Queen Camilla are liable for prosectution should they be suspected or found to have broken the law.    An example would be Princess Anne who was charged twice – once on a speeding offence and the other for having a dog not under control.   A police officer wanted to withdraw the speeding  charge but Princess Anne insisted on him proceeedeing with the prosecution as she accepts no such favours and he would have been breaking the law.      There is a note that members of the RF cannot be arrested when in the prescence of the Sovereign but if there was clear evidence of criminiality, it is unlikely the Sovereign would stand in the way if such evidence was available.