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Interesting Incidents, Dash Cams & Kerbside Punchups

You come across some very odd legal issues when working as a case officer in a legal team.  I had a colleague who had to look into a motor accident where a lady driving her son to school suddenly stopped her car and reversed back into the car behind.  Both cars pulled over in a safe spot and the front driver denied any responsibility.   It could have been the second one driving into the back of her but fortunately, it was a busy school run – several willing witnesses came forward and two people had dashcams operating.  What a marvellous tool that is when fixed properly and the images are clear and unambiguous!  The case itself was interesting – it turns out the guilty party had false number plates on the car so when the claimant gave the details to her insurance company, they kept insisting she’d made an error.  Fortunately again, her son had taken snaps of the damage and location etc. on his phone and one of the witnesses had also got that detail – all clearly showing her number plates. The subsequent court case was much more interesting for the legal teams and my chum, who’d had the case papers to work on.