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Guys – The Fifth Of November Was Just The Start

When I go visiting heritiage properties, I am always reminded just how important my stomping ground has been to the making of this country as a whole.  The rise of Oliver Cromwell and his The new model army flourished in a town only 20 miles from here.  Before that, the gunpowder plot was organised in my neck of the woods – there are all sorts of building that belonged to catholic sympathisers and plotters.  The family seats are still available to visit and the monuments to these brave but somewhat foolhardy souls are all about.   This leads on to there being a lot of civil war stuff here too.  The major battlefields are within spitting distance of my home and there are so many little reminders of how we came to be the rich, historic but now law abiding country we are today.   So much loss of life and families torn assunder by different loyalties.