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Expertise Legal Knowledge For Injunctions

There have been some fantastic tales in the newspapers of late.  Many of them concerning celebrities who have made the classic error of committing a minor infringement of normally accepted practice – say got a little too saucy with a colleague and things gotten a wee bit out of hand.  Much later on, the other party tells someone, may or may not be deliberate – and then a massive snowball effect erups.  It gets into the press and we all know, don’t we, the press never gives up.  Unless an injunction is put in place to make them toe a certain line.  This is the point when legal teams are so necessary – although whether this is the correct use of their expertise and knowledge of the law can be debatable.   As soon as I read the phrase “A.N.Other denies any wrong doing . . . .” , a few days later, I expect to be reading that they have resigned or admitted telling lies!