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Everyone Needs A Local Solicitor At Some Time

When anyone finds themselves in dispute with anybody, be it neighbours, employers, the police, once things get to a certain point, they either get settled or if resolution fails, they resort to court action.  In the case of trouble with the police, then certainly legal representation is needed before a case can be made.  When you sit and analyse just how many different situations call for actions by a legal team, you can then see that a career in law can be extremely varied.  If you choose to become a local country solicitor, this may involve a really huge variety of cases from property conveyancing, divorce and family court matters, criminal law, chancery matters etc.  On tv programmes you ony see a solicitor sitting in with a possible felon in a police interview room, sometimes we get to court, but then it’s handed over to the barrister.  But a career as a family solicitor can be much more exciting than it might first appear.