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Court Term Names Are Very Tradtional

The legal system i this country is governed by specific dates and this means when courts can be held – they’re called sitting days.  Firstly we have the title Term dates which are dates applying to sittings in the High Court and the Court of Appeal only  these are fixed in line with the rule book, currently known as Practice Direction.  That does not mean they’re still learning – practice refers to how it is operated when done properly and direction is the legal term for instructions.  The actual published rules are called Part 39 of the ivil Procedure Rules.   The terms have lovely old fashioned names  and for 2023 they are: Hilary, 11 Jan to W05 April 23, Easter: 18 April to 2 May 23, Trinity:  06 June to 31 July and Michaelmas: 02 October to 21 December.  The Court of Appeal and High Court judges sit on judicial business throughout the legal year which totals around 185-190 days.   There are lower level Ciruit judges who sit for slightly more, 210 days.  On top of these are out of court days for when they have to read case papers and write judgments.