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Changes In UK Law On The Cards

There hav been months and months of discussions concerning the changes to our law making processess that will come about if the brexit negotiations ever come to a conclusion.  Many folk voted to leave europe for the very reason that they want us to take back the power to set our own laws and rules again, just as we had for the hundreds of years before we entered europe in the 1970s.  I hear the shouting and barracking going on.  The remainers seem to completely forget that we existed and ran a very successful country – we immensely well respected the world over.  In fact our legal system has been championed as the best example as has our parliament – the mother of all parliaments.   Our aged rituals, pomp and ceremonies will continue – in all their rather bizarre grandeur and we will decide how we wish to apply the justice of our land.  Well, that’s the plan anyway!