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Branches of Law

In the UK, most solicitors handle a wide range of legal issues. There are usually specialists in each firm able to work on specific cases. Here is a brief guide to the different areas of law you might find legal representation from.

Banking Law: this is a type of law which covers all areas of finance, from personal bank loans to business transactions.  Lawyers and solicitors might choose to focus in on one area such as acquisition, and can work for either the borrower or the lender.

Commercial Law: this is an area which advises companies on business related legal issues, such as negotiating contracts, or the supply of goods and services.

Criminal Law: this is an area of law which covers all criminal behaviour. These soicitors and lawyers are often seen in court representing either the defendant or the prosecution.

Employment Law: this area of law looks at the relationships between the employers and the employees of the country.

Family Law: this could be anything from parental responsibility, through to domestic violence cases. Divorce is handled by a family lawyer.