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Activities & Unsocial Behaviour That Constitutes A Crime In UK

There are many types of offences in the UK which come under the umbrella heading of Criminal Law.   These are broken down into types of offences that can be committed and for which one will be arrested and charged with committing those offences.   Cyber/obline crime for example, obviously by the very nature it is one of the newest activity areas.   This will cover fraudulent actions, identity fraud and stealing from people, accounts etc using fraudulent/stolen accounts and passwords etc.   Hackers that break in ‘electronically’ have unpermitted access to accounts and commit seriously unsociable crimes.    There is also domestic abuse, which covers violence between family members, sadly, most often aimed at the femail half of a relationship over a long and sustained period.   There are other types of domestic abuse which is not always physical, it can be manipulation by one party against the other and belittling, bullying and coercive behaviour.  These serious crimes need very urgent handling, particularly if violence in being metered out to anybody whether in the home or not.