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The legals surrounding house buying and selling – known in this country as conveyancing, is one area of the law in which activity will always follow a set pattern.  No courts,  judge or jury are involved (as a rule).  But it’s still a fully legal enterprise.

Take a home sale – ensuring that a vendor is aware of his property’s l iteral kerb appeal and his legal kerb appeal is not always the same!  the Legal kerb appeal  covers the strengths of a property when looked at from any legal perspective.  Taking access rights over another another property, or existing planning permission for any proposed extension work.   For exactly the reason having neat hedging and a tidy drop down kerb enhances a literal kerb appeal, these also help the legal one too straight away.   Never under-estimate a buyer’s knowledge or legal awareness with respect to  conveyancing matters so ensuring your property is as straightforward as possible will help sell in these very busy times, when as we say ‘it’s a buyers market’.